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Twelve Mile Bay Members Association: 2015 Annual General Meeting

Details to be posted, please check back soon.


Water Level Action Plan - Georgian Bay Association
The Georgian Bay Association has provided a new document detailing the challenges the Bay faces in regards to low water levels, as well as plans on how the GBA will approach these challenges in the coming years.

Download the full document HERE.

*UPDATE* - Craig Bowden, President of the Georgian Bay Association, has released a statement regarding Low Water Levels in the Great Lakes.

You can download the letter HERE


Stop The Drop Campaign
Here is an article summarizing the 'Stop the Drop', a campaign that focuses on low water levels in the Great Lakes.

To download the file, click HERE.


Low Water Issues - Georgian Bay Leaders Initiative
This press release covers the economical issues surrounding Low Water Levels, and how leaders from various communities are trying to identify and solve these economic issues.

Read the Summary HERE.

If you would like to support the initiative, read about how you can contact the Premier and MPPs HERE.


Georgian Bay Forever Spring Newsletter

The Spring issue of Georgian Bay Forever is now available! You can download the digital newsletter HERE.


MPAC Meeting Presentations

Here are some of the presentation slides from that meeting, focusing on property assessment.

Click HERE to download the presentation.


Lyme Disease on Twelve Mile

Lyme Disease has made an appearance in the Bay, so be sure to take precautions to protect yourself, as well as your pets. Be sure to wear long sleeved shirts and pants, and tuck pants into tall boots before venturing into bushes and/or tall grass. Wearing light coloured clothing may also help make ticks visible should they try and attach themselves to you.

Pets are also targets for ticks carrying the disease. Don't let your pets wander too far into the bushes, and check for ticks before letting them back into your cottage.

For more information on Lyme Disease, please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada's website HERE


Bear Watch:

Please be advised that there have been bear sightings along the bay at cottages. Keep your cottage from becoming too tempting for the bears! Do not leave food, garbage or even barbeque grease out where bears can have access to it (this includes bird feeders). Once a bear finds a food source, it will continue to return to that source. Don't let it be your cottage, keep yourself safe!

For more information on how you can keep bears away at the cottage, and what to do in case you ever encounter one, please read the Ontario Bear Wise document.

If you should find yourself in an emergency situation involving bears, do not hesitate to call 911/OPP.

Stay safe, and happy cottaging!


Mouse Poison and the Environment:

While mice can be a problem for you and your cottage, you may want keep this story in mind before trying to deal with vermin.

During the winter, a cottager on the bay spotted an owl sitting quietly in a tree. 30 minutes later, the owl had dropped from her spot on the tree, and lay in the snow, unable to get up. The poor owl passed away after it had been brought inside. The owl had been killed by a mouse that had eaten and died from poison.

A follow up article and more details will be posted shortly, but keep in mind that laying out poison affects a lot more than you think.



Garbage continues to be a problem, and the dump continues to be under the threat of closure. If anyone sees somebody abusing the rules of the garbage dump, contact Alan Bowers immediately with as many details as possible.

It is also requested that you do not contact the municipality or MNR with your complaints and reports as it could give ammunition to those wanting to close the site. Contact information for Alan Bowers can be found in the contact section of this website.


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